The Garden Hut

Garden Huts are our smallest huts at 6ft x 10ft and make the perfect option for those looking for all the charm of a shepherd hut but who don’t have the space for one of her big sisters.
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The Traditional Hut

red shepherds hut in an English country garden
Traditional Huts are 7ft 2″ (body) wide and either 12ft, 14ft or 16ft  long. This offers a huge amount of scope whilst maintaining the classic shepherd hut proportions and aesthetics.
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The Self-Build Hut

If you have the skills, we can provide the parts. Whether you need a chassis, wheels, tins or something else we are here to help.

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Each one of our shepherd’s huts comes with a range of high quality components as standard.

A steel chassis and cast iron wheels provide long-lasting strength and durability.

A timber framework encased externally in a waterproof, breathable membrane and internally in a vapour barrier ensures that your hut remains dry and snug in all seasons.

High quality insulation is fitted throughout each hut keeping you cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. The insulation also provides excellent sound proofing reducing the noise of rain rattling on the roof to a gentle patter for those tucked up inside.

Doors and windows are finished with traditional pewter, hand forged fastenings. We work with you to ensure that doors and window are perfectly positioned so that you get the best views and lighting your site has to offer. Especially important should you use your hut as a studio.

View from shepherd hut window
“What light through yonder window…!”

Externally, we clad our huts in PVC, plastisol coated tin as it offers the most durable finish, looks great and can be painted in a colour of your choosing. However, if your preference is for timber that is no problem, we can do that too.

Cedar clad Holiday Hut
If wriggly tin isn’t your thing…

Internally, all of our huts are clad in pine T&G and painted in Farrow & Ball’s eco-friendly paints for a traditional finish. It also provides a fantastic backdrop for you to let your imagination run wild as you decide on your hut’s style and fittings.

Steps are constructed from oak treated with Osmo UV Protection oil for a hardwearing and beautiful finish.

Once you have decided on the purpose and size of your hut it is time to choose the style.

Now the basics are in place it’s time to give your hut the personal touch. Should you want a kitchen or bathroom or built in furniture  we can help and if you’re stuck for ideas, we offer a design service to help you get the most from your hut.

At White Peak Shepherd Huts we hand build all of our huts to meet your requirements so set your imagination free and we’ll do the rest.

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