Snow filled field containing shepherd hut
At White Peak Shepherd Huts, we recognise there are lots of talented and creative folk out there who would love to try their hand at building a shepherd hut. But sourcing parts when you aren’t in the business can be tricky. This is where we can help; with a range of quality metal components from our trusted suppliers we have done the hard work for you and we can get you on the road to achieving your dream.

Traditional Cast Iron Wheels

We offer wheels of exceptional quality that have been cast by our local foundry using time honoured techniques.

Cast iron wheels
Four little wheels sitting in a row

Our wheels are based on old patterns and as such offer a beautifully authentic touch to your shepherd hut.

Each wheel has a hidden grease chamber inside the hub and is supplied unpainted.

24” wheels are £200 each 
32” wheels are £245 each 


Which is the right chassis for you?

Our steel chassis and their component parts are built to order by our talented blacksmith who is regularly called on by us to impart his endless patience, skill and knowledge.

We have set out our most popular chassis styles here, but we are equally happy to work with you to create a bespoke design that is right for your project.

Where it all begins!

Traditional Chassis

Our Traditional Chassis are designed to replicate the shepherd huts of yesteryear that provided the inspiration for our more modern counterparts.

Positioning the wheels to sit wider than the chassis provided stability as the hut was drawn over rutted fields. The large rear wheels preventing it from tipping over with the small front wheels passing beneath the chassis when turned.

Steal shepherd hut chassis
Traditional chassis with the wheels positioned on the outside. Larger chassis have box steel side rails for extra strength.

Our Traditional Chassis’ come with turntable, strainer bar and detachable A-frame tow bar as standard and are generally 7ft 2″ wide with the external wheel width measuring at 8ft 3″. Wheels are cast iron and measure 2 x 24″ and 2 x 32″.

Prices start from £3,800.00

Rolling Chassis

Our rolling chassis’ offers a cost-effective option yet still with a nod towards the original shepherd hut design. All four wheels sit to the outside of the chassis for the traditional hut aesthetic but here they are all the same size and there is no turntable. Instead steering is achieved by lifting the axle with a trolley jack and maneuvering it into place with the supplied, detachable pull bar.

Rolling chassis generally measure 7ft 2″ wide with the external wheel width measuring at 8ft 3″. Wheels are cast iron and measure 4 x 24″. This has the effect of lowering the overall height of the chassis bed making it a marvelous option if height is an issue.

These chassis are generally constructed predominantly from box section with either heavy- duty angle iron or box section making up the sides depending on the size of chassis and therefore the possible weight.

Prices start from £2,880.00

Extra width chassis

Extra width shepherd hut
Wheels tucked under the body

As people want bigger and wider shepherd huts, we achieve this by placing all four wheels underneath the chassis. This re-design allows a maximum external chassis width of 8ft 3″ or 2.5m. These chassis are generally constructed entirely from box section depending on size and probable weight. Extra width chassis come with an A-frame tow bar and turntable as standard.

Prices start from £4,300.00

Chassis components

If you prefer to build a timber chassis or you want to fabricate your own steel chassis, we can help here too.


Our turntables are constructed from 15mm plate with threaded bars welded in place to be cut down to size to fit your timber work. £320.00

Stub axles

Cast iron wheel with stub axle
Stub axle fitting snugly into the chassis

Our stub axles are designed to offer a snug fit with our wheels which helps to reduce wheel wobble when moving your hut. In order to achieve the desired result, the inside of the wheel is drilled and the stub axle machined. We also include the necessary split pins, washers and bolts to fit your choice of wheel size.  Set of four, £400.00


Our A-frames are designed to be bolted to a wooden chassis. £340.00

Draw bar

Our detachable draw bar is designed to be fastened to the central support of a steel box section chassis. £250.00

Fire Stand

Log burning stove on stand
Wood burning stove stand with room for logs

If you want to include a wood burning stove in your hut, then we can supply a custom-built fire stand for your stove to sit on.

The cut away front gives it a stylish appearance and ensures there are no corners to bash legs on and raising the stove from the floor gives you a great storage space for logs.

Should you plan on moving your hut once it’s built, we can also include discrete, drilled plates on the feet to allow for bolting the stove to the floor of your hut so that your stove stand won’t move when the hut does.

£280.00 – supplied unpainted

Building your own shepherd hut is a hugely rewarding process. There is no better way to ensure that your hut is personal and unique, and the finished article will be a great source of pride and pleasure for years to come.

Small Traditional Chassis – Josephine not included… but happy to help!

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