When buying a shepherd’s hut it is natural to have lots of questions. Here we answer those most often asked, but if you don’t see your question answered get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

What is the process of buying a hut?

Understanding what you want – First we arrange a meeting so that we can understand exactly what you want from your hut. If you can make it to our work shop, we would love to give you the guided tour. However if a face to face meeting isn’t possible, phone calls and emails get the job done just as well.

DesignNow that we know what you want we will provide you with your design so that you check it over and make sure that you are happy with your choices.

Reports –  Once the process is underway, we will provide you with regular updates and will even email you photos so that you can see your hut being built. We know that inspiration can strike as you see your hut coming to life and so we endeavour to be as flexible as possible.

DeliveryYour hut is finished and ready to be delivered.  Whenever possible on site our delivery team will try to get you hut positioned where you want it. Now it is time for us to go away and leave you to enjoy your very own shepherd’s hut!

Are the tin clad huts hot in the summer and noisy in the rain?

Our huts are fully insulated which protects you from extreme temperatures all year round. Even the heaviest rain shower is experienced as nothing more than a muffled patter.

Will I need planning permission?

The hut itself won’t need planning permission but you may need permission to change the use of the land your hut is sited on.

If you want to place your hut in your garden and use it for personal use then you are unlikely to need planning permission. However if you intend to use your hut as holiday accommodation or if you want to live in it permanently then you may need apply for change of use.

If you are unsure whether you need planning permission, your local planning officer will be able to give you advice specific to your area. Additionally we are always on hand to share our experiences and you can find more information on our article, planning permission, do I need it?

And don’t forget, unlike an extension, you can take your shepherd’s hut with you if you move!

Do I need to prepare the site before the hut arrives?

A flat site makes for a level hut and easy delivery so time spent preparing your site is essential. Railway sleepers, flagstones, cobbles and bricks provide a stable base and will prevent the hut’s wheels from sinking into the ground over time.

How easy is it to move my hut?

The original shepherd’s huts were designed to be moved from the farm to pasture and back again as the shepherd moved to be with his sheep during lambing. Generally pulled by horses these huts would have had small wheels at the draw bar end which would move underneath the body of the hut when it turned and larger wheels for stability at the rear.

True to tradition our shepherd’s huts are easily maneuvered and come complete with a detachable draw bar and an optional turntable. The huts can be hitched to a 4×4 or tractor and pulled in to a new position. On a flat surface they can even be moved by hand.

How safe are the wood burning stoves?

Wood burning stoves fitted in Shepherds huts do not require CE approval, however the 2kw stove that we have chosen has been specifically designed for small spaces and has undergone rigorous safety testing. If you would like more information on this testing please refer to the stove’s manufacturer, Windy Smithy.

Additionally all of our huts are fitted with an air vent and heat retardant board to the rear of the stove. With all of these safety measures in place all that’s left to do is light the fire, pop your kettle on the stove and settle back with a good book and a hot chocolate.

What are the delivery costs?

Delivery is charged at £300 plus Vat. In addition to this there is a 45p per mile fuel charge for any journeys totalling over 50 miles. The first hour of siting your hut is included in your delivery and every hour thereafter is chargeable at £75.00. However, the ultimate responsibility for the siting of the hut lies with the customer.

Overseas deliveries will be quoted for on an individual basis.

What are your payment terms?

Should you decide to go ahead and order your hut we will agree on your specification together and then, prior to work commencing, we ask for 50% of the balance with the remainder payable on delivery.

Do you offer a warranty?

Our combined experience and our attention to detail should ensure that your White Peak Shepherd Hut will give you trouble-free enjoyment for many years. However, to ensure your peace of mind we also give a 10-year Limited Warranty with each hut that we supply which guarantees the wheels, running gear, chassis and external tin structure.