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Sneaky Peak

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Golden hues of autumn

As another autumn brings its palette of gold and red to the Peak District it’s time for many of us to put our gardens to bed for the winter and retreat indoors.

The attractions of the other seasons are obvious. Spring fizzes in its flurry of greens and yellow, summer blossoms brazenly and autumn explodes in a final display of colour and then it’s all over and we head inside where it’s warm. But to do that means missing out because as autumn makes way for winter we encounter our most gentle and secretive season. Frosty mornings and crunchy grass, frozen spider webs, cold crisp air and spectacular sunsets. Our gardens take on an architectural form of beauty with bare branches, spent seed heads and uncut grasses that too many of us miss in our haste to get to and from the warmth of our homes. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could enjoy this in comfort for a while?

Traditional Hut with sheep

White Peak Shepherd Huts allow you to do exactly that with their Traditional and Garden Huts. Windows and doors can be positioned and sized to make the most of your garden views. And best of all, their huts are fully insulated, double glazed and contain wood burning stoves so that all you have to do is light the stove, curl up in a comfy chair, throw the stable door open and enjoy your garden, whatever the weather.


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