Is Accoya® the wood of the future?

We love traditional at White Peak Shepherd Huts; traditional building methods, traditional tools and Traditional Shepherd Huts but what we like even more than traditional is environmentally friendly. So, when we find a way to bring traditional together with environmentally friendly we are very happy hut builders!

The Past

Hardwoods have long been the traditional wood of choice for external structures such as windows and doors due to softwood’s propensity to shrink, swell and warp when exposed to the elements. However, hardwoods are costly or, as in the case of tropical hardwoods, ethically questionable and unsustainable.

In an attempt to remedy softwood’s seeming desire to rot and distort manufacturers add a soup of chemicals to the wood but the unwanted side effect of this treatment is toxic run off and pollution.

Raw Accoya

Enter Accoya®

A relatively new and high-tech introduction to the market, Accoya® is revolutionizing how and where craftsmen use hard and soft woods.

What is Accoya?

Here comes the chemistry.

When wood is exposed to the elements it changes shape due to the presence of free ‘hydroxyl’ groups (OH) as they bind with water. Adding acetic anhydride replaces the OH groups with acetyl groups, which in turn reduces the wood’s ability to take on water. The end result is a dimensionally stable and long-lasting timber. Pine naturally contains these acetyl groups in lower numbers already, so rather than introducing new chemicals, this process modifies the chemical structure of the wood itself!

This process is called acetylation and it turns renewable, FSC approved softwood into a chemical free, environmentally responsible wood with structural properties which rival and exceed even tropical hardwoods.

Chemical formula for achieving Accoya

At White Peak Shepherd Huts we build all our windows and doors in Accoya® wood. Want more information on Accoya® then click here

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