Diane Gilder’s Meadow Hut

Garden Hut in meadow
Shepherd hut enjoying the view

After months of thinking about it, I finally decided to have a Shepherd Hut made for my meadow. I approached a well known maker but was terribly disappointed in their unprofessional and rather disinterested response, so decided to look nearer home and found White Peak Shepherd Huts in my area.

So, we made an appointment and went to meet them and view 3 of their huts.  Josephine and Glenn, the Proprietors, visited our site 2 days later and gave us a quote there and then – blissfully including VAT so we knew exactly how much we would be paying and also informing us what would be included and what would be extra. We were able to visit and follow its progress and my Hut is full of super ideas.

The double windows on each of the long sides were positioned so that I could sit at my flap down table and see out easily for drawing and observation purposes, the bench seat at the end of the Hut has lots of storage space underneath and Josephine suggested that the bookshelf over the  top of the bench seat goes round the corners providing extra space for books.

The small window in the door is slightly larger than standard and the little Wendy Woodburner is most effective at heating the space.

Diane’s studio hut

I love the wrought iron window furniture and curtains and cushions. All aspects of the build were photographed and sent to me so that I knew exactly how it was coming along.

I am absolutely delighted with it and the standard of workmanship and would thoroughly recommend White Peak Shepherd Huts for a personal, interested and informative experience in acquiring one of their products.

Shepherd hut with pine folding table and stable door
A room with a view