Of Times Past & Things To Come

With a brand-spanking new year stretched out before us 2017 has already got off to a flying start for White Peak Shepherd Huts as we welcome a new member of staff, set about building three new huts and begin our preparations for Chatsworth Horse Trials.

However, before we look forward let’s take some time to look back at 2016, which will be remembered by many as a turbulent year where regardless of your political view Brexit’s outcome shocked, America’s election choice baffled and the seemingly endless celebrity deaths saddened.

2016 was an eventful year for us at White Peak Shepherd Huts too and fortunately for all the right reasons as we built five shepherd huts, attended several events, featured on Glampingbusiness.com as well as in several editorials of the Peak Advertiser.

Our Show Highlights

Chatsworth Horse Trials was our first event of the season and the fine weather, fantastic turnout and wonderful comments made it a great event for us; we are very lucky to have such a special location on our doorstep and we are currently preparing to attend again this year!

Great crowd at Chatsworth
Great crowd at Chatsworth

Eroica Britannia was our next event which despite the very British weather still saw people attend in their droves. In true festival spirit people donned their vintage finery brought out their beloved and often ancient bicycles and had fun regardless of the occasional raindrop or two. With the main stage directly in front of us we enjoyed being entertained as we exhibited; a win, win situation.

Eroica crowd around shepherd hut

We joined Country Living Magazine for The Great Yorkshire Show where we took pride of place at the entrance of their pavilion. The twelve-hour days went by in a blur as the crowds poured through sharing with us their ideas, dreams and wonderful praise for our hut. Our entire store of flyers and business cards was devoured and Josephine lost her voice due to the amount of talking she did… Glenn would have suggested that this is not the worst thing that could have occurred – but he isn’t brave enough!


Shepherd hut deliveries, holidays and things!

Shepherd hut deliveries are always exciting for us as we present the result of several months’ work to its owner and then see them sited in their new home.

Our final delivery of 2016 was a perfect example of this as we went to the beautiful Glenwhan Gardens in Stranraer, Scotland. The 18ft x 7.5ft Holiday Hut is sited on a raised area in the centre of 16 acres of spectacular landscaped garden with a view out over the sea to boot. Tessa, the hut and garden owner will use her hut as a glampers retreat so if you want to stay in a White Peak Shepherd Hut in a beautiful location look no further!

Shepherd hut at Glenwhan Gardens
Can you spot her

Then, never ones to miss an opportunity, after seeing the hut safely in her new home we continued up into the Scottish Highlands to spend a snowy week in the magnificent Glencoe. Could this actually be the best job in the world!?

Josephine stands in the snow
Exciting times ahead

Looking ahead to 2017

Now we have both feet planted firmly in 2017 we are excited about the way it is shaping up. We currently have three chassis lined up in the workshop, each with a very different end use in mind; one will make a permanent home, another will become an income as Glamping accommodation and the third a private retreat from which her owner can enjoy the surrounding landscape. The glorious shepherd hut showing off her wonderful versatility once again.

Running alongside these builds we will be getting the huts we will be taking to Chatsworth Horse Trials hut ready. The event will run from 12 – 14th June so come along and take a look for yourselves, we’d love to meet you and hear how you would use your own shepherd hut. We will keep you updated with news on the other events as soon as they are confirmed so keep checking our blog, twitter and Facebook pages.

And finally, we welcome Clare Bennett to the team. Claire is a huge fan of the great outdoors and traditional design and is looking forward to developing her skills in shepherd hut building. And Clare does not come alone as where she goes her chocolate lab Obi follows. The question now is, how do we stop Glenn from playing with the dog for long enough to get some work done? Welcome to the team Clare and Obi, we think that you will fit in a treat!