How to survive working from home

As the commute to work gets longer, time away from family increases and covid forces us to stop and take stock of our lives, it’s easy to see why the number of people searching for a healthier work-life balance is on the rise. However, working from home can require a huge amount of self-discipline, from getting the motivation to get started then knowing when it’s time to stop; and then there are the constant interruptions from the family….

So, what can you can do to ensure that working from home is the success you dreamed it could be.

Our daily commute
Our daily commute
  1. Get out and socialise

You may think that escaping the office politics and inane gossip sounds like paradise but spending all day, every day alone can quickly turn into a new kind of nightmare.

  • Make sure that you continue to interact with people daily, whether that’s customers, colleagues or friends and family, it’s all too easy to turn into a recluse.
  • Use some of the time you have claimed back to try new hobbies with a social element such a joining a club or learning a language.
  1. Exercise and take breaks

Sitting at a desk all day is bad. Bad for your physical health and bad for your mental health. And then there’s the ever-present fridge… calling you… making it all too easy to pile on the pounds whilst developing a bad back.

However, working from home also makes it much easier to develop an exercise routine that suits you. Perhaps you do your best thinking when out for a walk or you’d prefer a run before breakfast. Joining a gym or fitness class not only has health benefits but helps you to take care of point 1 making it a double winner. Whatever you choose to do, looking after your physical health is essential to your mental health and productivity and is ignored at your peril!

A room with a view
  1. Dedicated office

We associate our home with relaxation, not work and one of the best ways to counter this is to have a dedicated work space. One that is separate from the house is ideal as it allows you to kiss the family goodbye and go to work in the traditional way and then, when the working day is done, close the door and come home– no bleed over and yet you are just at the end of the garden.

Garden offices come in all shapes and sizes so when you are deciding what to go for consider the following;

Small but beautifully formed
  • Security – you are likely to have expensive equipment in your office and it is vital for your piece of mind and for insurance purposes that your garden office is secure. Our shepherd huts are built to the same specification as a timber framed house and then fitted with 5 lever mortice locks to the doors. Even the hand forged window fastenings have integral locks so that you get all the security without losing the looks.
  • Planning permission – the size and site of your garden office will determine whether you need planning permission however because shepherd huts are wheeled buildings they don’t need it in most cases
  • Functionality – having an office purpose built for you means that it will suit you perfectly.
  • Flexibility – add a day bed and your office can double as a guest bedroom and with a shepherd hut you always have the option to take your office with you if you move house
  • Durability – all our huts come with a 10-year limited warranty and providing you take care of her, she will be around for future generations to enjoy
  • Aesthetics – it’s important to have an office that looks good, after all it will become a permanent feature of your garden. With their traditional good looks and quirky charm, we think we’ve got that one covered!

Garden Hut sitting under a tree

  1. Carpe Diem

You are your own boss, master of your own destiny. You no longer need to stick rigidly to the 9-5, so when the sun shines there’s no need to gaze out of the window wishing that you were at home to enjoy it. Instead simply stand up, turn off the computer and head outside. There is bound to be a rainy day coming along when you can catch up.

If you would like to find out more about how you can become the proud owner of your own shepherd hut office, then contact us and we’d be delighted to help.