Why Shepherd Huts

UK’s tourism boost post Brexit.

Whatever your view on Brexit there can be little doubt that it is good for the UKs tourist industry as the weak pound makes our shores more attractive to overseas travellers and encourages domestic tourists to holiday at home.

Autumn in the Peak District - Derbyshire
Autumn in the Peak District

When you consider the stunning and varied scenery, wealth of culture and depth of history we have to offer it is easy to see why the UK is one of the top 10 international holiday destinations.

“The boost to domestic tourism follows a record-breaking first quarter that saw overnight visits in England rise 10% to 7.3m and spending on domestic overnight holidays up 23% to £1.8bn, VisitBritain figures show” Isabel Choat, The Guardian. 

Camping or B&B

All of these tourists are need somewhere to stay and this is where you come in.

Do you have a pretty field, a woodland or a large garden in an interesting location? If so, then you could consider offering holiday accommodation to meet the demand from the burgeoning number of tourists.

Modern farming landscape

Why choose a shepherd Hut?

From pods to yurts, wigwams to tree houses there is a bewildering amount of options out there so why would you choose a shepherd hut?

Year round income – Constructed in the same way as a timber framed house our shepherd huts are infinitely capable of standing up to the British weather in all of it glorious forms. With fully insulated walls, floor and ceiling, double glazed windows and a wood burning stove they are cosy all year which gives you the option to stay open all year, hugely increasing your potential returns.

Comfort – the relatively recent craze for glamping (glamorous camping) is all about the illusion of roughing it without actually experiencing any hardship and shepherd huts can fulfil that brief admirably. Warm and snug with comfortable beds and a wood burning stove your holiday makers can venture into the countryside secure in the knowledge that they have somewhere cosy to retreat to when the weather gets too British and the fun is too muddy.

little wood burning stove with blue tiled hearth
Maybe tiles instead of slate hearths are your thing

Long term investmentthe build quality of our huts means that when looked after, you will have an investment to hand down from generation to generation.

Unique because our huts are a bespoke build, you know that you can guarantee your holiday makers will get a unique experience that they won’t get anywhere else.

Eco-friendly – we work hard at White Peak Shepherd Huts to keep the environmental impact of our huts to a minimum, sourcing our materials locally and using sustainable products wherever possible.

Off grid – shepherd huts make a wonderful off-grid solution. Water can be gas heated, the toilet can be a composting unit, the grey water (shower) can be directed away via a trench arch filtration system and the electricity (should you decide you need it at all) can be provided by solar energy. However, should you opt to be hooked up to mains services that can be easily accommodated too.

If you are particularly interested in setting up off grid, then look out for our next article which is all about this topic .

If you would like to see a shepherd hut or if you have any questions about how this could work for you, then give Josephine a call, Tel:  07761 983312 or drop her an email josephine@whitepeakshepherdhuts.uk. She’s always happy to talk shepherd huts!