Garden rooms with country charm

White Peak Shepherd Huts

Shepherd huts the must-have garden accessory 

The must-have for any stylish garden is a hideaway; a room of your own where you can retreat from the hurly-burly of life and recharge your batteries. You may choose a shed or a summer house to be your refuge but increasingly people are opting for a shepherd hut. Over the last few years these tin clad, mobile buildings have quietly found homes in gardens up and down the country but what has made them so popular with those in the know?

Inside a Garden Hut
Curl up with a good book and a cuppa inside a Garden Hut

Year around use

Well-made shepherd huts are built in the same way as timber framed buildings and with insulated walls and double glazed windows you have a room that can be used whatever the weather. All of our huts come complete with a wood burning stove too so you can relax with a glass of wine and admire your garden just as comfortably whether it’s white with frost or bathed in sunshine.

Garden hut in a meadow
Under the old oak tree


In our hectic, consumerist society, people are increasingly finding comfort in the simpler pleasures. Gardening, baking, sewing and good old fashioned crafts have never been more popular as people hark back to a time when life seemed more straightforward. Shepherd huts are the perfect place to sit and enjoy the garden after putting in all that hard work, indulge in hobbies away from the hubbub of the house or enjoy a slice of your homemade cake with a glass of Prosecco and friends.

Shepherd hut interior
Creative space

Planning Permission

Providing a shepherd hut is being used as a supplement to your home and not as your main dwelling, they don’t generally require planning permission due to their mobile nature. So a shepherd hut means that you get your extra room without any of the mess, stress or red tape that usually comes with an extension.

Garden retreat
Welcome inside


Our Garden Hut’s petite proportions are based on the original shepherd hut design so they have all of the traditional charm of their big sisters but their smaller size means that they will slot comfortably into a corner of the garden.

So perhaps, with their versatile nature, sense of history and country charm, it’s hardly surprising that the humble shepherd hut has found its way back in to our hearts.

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