Shepherd Hut Buyers Guide

We understand that picking a company to build your, often longed for, shepherd hut is a huge decision. Whether you’re buying a hut for your own pleasure or as a holiday rental you will want to feel secure in the knowledge that your chosen company will deliver a hut that will delight you for years to come.

Churlish Green Garden Hut

Choosing the right company

Shop around – Select several companies that you like the look of and pick up the phone and chat. Emails are great for sending factual information quickly but a good old fashioned conversation gives you the opportunity to get a feel for the people you will be dealing with and equally for them to understand what you’re looking for. Where possible go along and meet them, after all you will be dealing with these people on a regular basis often over several months so it is essential that you choose a company that you feel understand your requirements, have time for you and quite simply that you like.

Knowledgeable – Can the company advise you on the best way to achieve what you want and offer solutions to any problems that may be encountered. Can they offer a bespoke design service? This can be especially important if you are setting up on a commercial basis or if you want a fully serviced, off-grid hut.

Communication – Ask lots of questions and make sure you feel listened to and understood. Ensure that there will be regular updates and that you are welcome to come along and see your hut during the build. Ideas can and do change as you see your hut take shape so it’s essential that you can be involved in the process and that there is a degree of flexibility on behalf of the builders. Good communication is paramount if the experience of turning your ideas into the hut of your dreams is to be an exciting and enjoyable one.

Quality – Shepherd hut manufacturers should be proud to explain exactly how their huts are constructed and happy to provide a guarantee. Are their materials environmentally friendly and are they sourced from local businesses or from overseas suppliers? Most importantly take a look at their huts. Check that the quality of the finish and the attention to detail is first class.

There are an increasing number of companies setting up as shepherd hut manufacturers who pay no attention to the original shepherd hut design resulting in some peculiar looking wheeled buildings. Equally some huts are of a great build quality but are proportionally and aesthetically closer to a static caravan than a shepherd hut.

Our huts are modelled on those from the Victorian era where wriggly tin clads a timber frame and sits atop four cast iron wheels. Proportions are also true to the original designs but we have brought our huts into the 21 century with improvements such as insulation, double glazing, waterproof barriers and breathable membranes. The result is an authentic shepherd hut for you to use in whichever way you like.

Come and take a look

We always have at least one display model for you to take a look at on our show field and several differently sized huts under construction in our workshop. So why not come along and take a look for yourselves.

And if you can’t get here give us a call. We’d love to hear about your projects and ideas and we’re always happy to give advice.

Glenn & Josephine at Eroica
Glenn and Josephine love to talk shepherd huts!