The Great Yorkshire Show

Beach & big wheel at the Great Yorkshire ShowDidn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to – The Great Yorkshire Show!

This year was our first time at the event and it fair knocked our socks off. From tractors to big wheels, to donkeys at the seaside and that was just the view from the shepherd hut door.

At this event we were showing with Country Living and had initially intended to be within their pavilion, however once we arrived it quickly became apparent that we would be better off just outside the entrance where we could enjoy a spot of sunshine but still feel their love. After all, shepherd huts were never intended to be indoors!

Shepherd Hut at Great Yorkshire Show

And then the crowds arrived and then more and more and still more…all of our leaflets disappeared and our cards were snapped up leaving us to plunder the emergency backup stash. The twelve hour days somehow managed to flash past as we met with hordes of interesting people and they shared their ideas and plans with us.

Summer house through the door

The comments that we received were wonderful and we want to say a huge thank you for all of your kind words as they mean a lot; it’s great to know that we share a vision. A special thank you goes to the lovely lady who was quite insistent that we should be awarded best in show! If only we were sheep instead of shepherd huts, perhaps we’d have stood a chance!

Great York Show 6

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