Ecotourism and shepherd huts; a match made in holiday heaven?

The World Tourist Organisation forecasts that ecotourism will be the fastest growing sector of the tourist industry until the year 2020.

What is Ecotourism?

Defined by the Ecotourism Society Board of Directors as ‘Responsible travel to natural and cultural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the wellbeing of local people’, ecotourism conjures up visions of saving rain forests, gorillas and coral reefs in far flung countries. But with its focus on sustainability, conservation and education, ecotourism is equally important in the developed world.

Ecotourism in the UK

Our “green and pleasant land” is packed full of ecological diversity and plenty of opportunities to enjoy it.

Hikers are spoilt for choice with desolate moorland, ancient woodland and dramatic mountain ranges and cyclists can explore the UK’s many dedicated cycle trails.

Water lovers can paddle or sail around our coast’s rocky coves and beaches and for those who prefer to keep their feet dry, walking the many miles of the UK’s protected coastal paths is a great option.

And of course, Britain is also famous for its historic towns and villages, quirky pubs, regional traditions and its wealth of culture.

With such diversity on offer it’s hardly surprising that the popularity of the UK as a holiday destination is increasing and with it, the demand for eco-friendly accommodation.

Glamping and Ecotourism

Glamping is the perfect holiday solution for many eco-tourists. A well-considered site will be small scale and cause a minimal amount of environmental disturbance with accommodation sympathetic to the local surroundings.

When considering what type of accommodation to provide the principles of eco-tourism should be considered;

• Design, construct and operate low-impact facilities
• Minimize negative impacts on nature and culture
• Build environmental awareness and respect
• Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts
• Generate financial benefits for both local people and private industry
• Work cooperatively with responsible businesses to meet local needs and deliver conservation benefits

Introducing Shepherd Huts!

Shepherd huts can be sympathetic to all of these principles and as part of Britain’s cultural heritage they fit perfectly into the UK’s landscape.

Being lucky enough to be based in the Peak District National Park means that we, at White Peak Shepherd Huts are acutely aware of the need to preserve our environment and culture. With this in mind all of our huts are built from FSC approved timber and paints are eco-friendly. Wherever possible we source our materials from local business, supporting the local economy and reducing our carbon footprint.

To reduce the environmental impact further we ensure that our huts are well insulated and double glazed making the most of the heat provided by the wood burning stove or mini range. We can install solar power for basic requirements such as chargers and lighting and with solar or gas heated showers and a composting toilet the environmentalist’s dream is complete.

When considering the wider eco-experience, you can harness your interests and your location to provide a unique experience for your holiday makers. For those situated in a National Park, there will be heaps for your holiday makers to do right on their doorstep. Or perhaps you are located on a working farm and able to offer farm tours, or a wildlife enthusiast who can provide information on the local flora and fauna, or a bushcraft expert giving skills courses, or a local food producer providing cookery courses, or a mountain leader offering guided walks, or maybe you just have a lovely field in beautiful surroundings that you want to share.

Holiday Hut
Benefits of shepherd huts

• Can be sited almost anywhere
• On or off grid solution
• Eco-friendly – appealing to the escalating number of eco-tourists
• Year round accommodation – more bookable nights per year
• Family friendly
• Romantic
• Ideal shower block and site office
• Each hut is unique and designed specifically for you.
• When purchased complete requires minimal set up
• Mobile
• Long lasting investment
• Perfectly at home on a farm, in a garden or a meadow

With glampsites charging in excess of £80 a night and a self-contained Holiday Hut starting at £27,090 you can be in profit as early as year one.

Holiday Huts can be purchased complete so that all you have to do is provide the site and enjoy it when it arrives.

If you’re interested in finding out more take a look at our article on farming diversification or get in touch. We’re always happy talk shepherd huts!

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