Autumn Glory in the Peak District

Dawn mist in the Peak District

As the trees burst with a riot of colour and the sun arcs its shallow curve across the sky, casting long shadows of golden light, Glenn and I have our quarterly debate – which is our favourite season.

This year, autumn is putting on an especially spectacular display in the Peak District with deep blue skies, vibrant foliage and cloud inversions hanging in the valley bottoms. It has been so mild that we have even been spotted outdoors in t-shirts – in November!

With all of this colour around it’s hard not to feel inspired and I have set to work on the designs for the shepherd’s huts that we will be showing at the International Horse Trials at Chatsworth next May. I am thinking about wood burning stoves complete with a whistling kettle for hot chocolate; a comfortable chair to curl up in whilst propped up with masses of  cushions; perhaps a checked woollen blanket to go over my knee and….hmm must remember, the event is in spring not now. Just as well the huts – and Glenn – are versatile!

Woodland in the Peak DIstrict

I feel sure that each season is my favourite when it arrives, forgetting what has gone before as I get swept up in the new season’s charms, so it looks as though our happy debate is set to continue.