Women Caves and She Sheds

6692c079fe42fd18c1e3f50469b5f837The women’s movement has seen ladies get the right to vote, equality in the work place and now they’re claiming their right to sheds – she sheds!

Caves have long been the preserve of men, but women juggling careers with duties as mum, head chef and chief home maker are increasingly looking for a retreat of their own. A private space where a tired nurturer can recharge batteries and nurture herself.

Rules of the woman cave.

  1. There are no rules!

Whatever helps you to unwind is permitted. Read, write, paint, meditate, drink Prosecco, do yoga, knit or just enjoy the sound of silence.

With some imagination, women caves can be created anywhere that you have space; under stairs cupboards, old garden sheds, tree houses and even greenhouses.


Once your domain is selected it’s time to think about decoration. Choose colours to represent the mood you want to produce; blue for relaxation, green for harmony, yellow for happiness, pink – because you’re a girl!


Perhaps you need a desk to create at, a large cosy chair to curl up in, a hammock for snoozing – I mean meditating – in, books, knick-knacks, cushions, drapes and a “do not disturb,” sign on the door!


It’s amazing what can be created with a little imagination so go forth and enjoy your she sheds and women caves in all of their glorious forms!

If you are looking for a woman cave with a difference then a shepherd’s hut makes the perfect choice. Built to your specification your hut will be uniquely yours and Josephine from White Peak Shepherd Huts is always happy to talk design!

Josephine in her #womancave